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German forum for cultural landscapes

A strong lobby for cultural landscapes

Gefährdete Kulturlandschaft

Our contemporary cultural landscape and its regional diversity have been developed by the interaction of environmental conditions and human actions over many centuries. At the present time, however, this rich cultural and natural heritage of our landscape is being lost more and more. This is caused in particular by a lack of knowledge and awareness for its irreplaceable, social value. The overall objective of this Forum is to commit ourselves to a sustainable development of our cultural landscape. We aim especially at the development of a consciousness for its value and importance. At the same time we try to emphasize the egional features which make each landscape distinctive. It is these features that shape the identity of our various regions and give them their unique character so cherished by locals and visitors alike.

Towards a common goal

In order to bring the numerous associations together, the German Forum for Cultural Landscapes was founded in Berlin on 21st September 2007. Coordinated by the BHU (Bund Heimat und Umwelt) the Forum is an active network based on common interests. Societies, associations, trusts and other groups that are edicated to the interest of cultural landscapes participate in the Forum. They are all active across Germany at a regional or national level. The Forum co-operates with further lobbies and partner organizations on European level. Within this co-operation the common basis is once more the commitment of volunteers to the protection and development of cultural landscapes.

Contact persons for cultural landscapes

The Forum’s main objective is the population’s involvement in the development of the landscape in Germany and Europe. Furthermore, the Forum advocates a network of the academic world, civil commitment, politics and service providers. The network represents about 3.5 million people, linking the organizations involved.

The Forum’s tasks

  • Collaborating in events and projects across Germany and Europe
  • Exchange of information
  • Information on recent publications and events
  • Representation of interests in Berlin, monitoring legislation
  • Information on actions pursued by the Federal Government and its ministries
  • Strengthening the topic cultural landscape in Brussels and influencing EU guidelines and legislative activities
  • Monitoring activities of the Council of Europe and of the European Parliament
  • Information on EU grants
  • Skill enhancement and promotion of young people
  • Public relations


More information on our goals, participants and projects can be found on our website There are additional links to related organizations and you can order our newsletter, which will keep you informed on the Forum’s work as well as on recent issues about cultural landscapes.


The German Forum for Cultural Landscape is under the patronage of the Commissioner for Culture and Media of the Federal Government, Secretary of State Bernd Neumann MdB/Member of the Bundestag
Supported by
The Commissioner for Culture and Media as the result of a decision by the German Parliament, the Bundestag.

We want to thank the organizations and supporters involved.
Senatorin Dr. Herlind Gundelach      Wolfgang Börnsen MdB
President of the BHU                      1st Vice-President of the BHU



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